Ian Somerhalder

Another fresh week and time for another cinemale scene to be brought to you all. This week it’s another hot hunk of a man by the name of Ian Somerhalder and he has quite the naughty tease session in store for you today. Just take your time to check out the action that he takes part in and you’ll be able to enjoy this soft core scene with him for the afternoon. The actor is at the beach side and he knows that this would make for the perfect setting to pose in as well. Let’s sit back and watch as the cine male guy here gets nice and wet and teases you with that whole amazing body of his too. We’re sure that you will have lots of fun with it as well!


Ian wastes no time in getting all sensual and stuff and starting to do his bit. Eventually he gets in the water and like we said, you can see that wet body with that wet shirt stuck nice and close to him and being pretty see through now. Anyway, it’s a nice and glorious scene to see to say the least and we’re sure that you will agree. We hope that this site is becoming your number one go to place when you want to see some hot male stars getting wild and kinky. Anyway, do enjoy and don’t forget to check out the past scenes as well for even more. We’ll be back real soon with new content for you all to check out too. Bye bye until then!

Take a look at Ian Somerhalder showing off his abs!

CineMale – Daniel Craig

You want to see more cinemale? we’ve got more of it for you with another one sizzling hot male movie star this afternoon. And you know that this guy has a lot of soft core scenes so far in a ton of movies, but this one is by far one of the best ones to see him in too. He’s none other than Daniel Craig and in this snippet of a scene that we have here, you get to check him out in a solo action scene as he relaxes in the bath and as you can clearly see he’s all nude too. Well with that being said, sit back, relax and kick this scene off as we bet that you’re all eager and willing to see the guy show his whole naked body on camera here today!

As the cameras roll and you get to see Daniel make his entry you can see that he was down to have a relaxing time with the whole thing and he begins his thing by soaking in the water. As he relaxes, he gets to light one up and do some reading and rest assured that there’s plenty of gratuitous shots of his dick and ass as well as he gets to wash as well. We hope that you will truly enjoy exploring this whole thing with the guy and what else can be said. We can only hope that he does more naughty scenes like this in the future as well so that we may show them off to you. Anyway, see you guys and gals next week with another update!


See hot Daniel Craig naked in the bathtub!

Hugh Jackman

Well hey there and welcome back to cinemale. You remember that last week you got to see Thor mostly nude right? well it’s time to see another movie star getting his body revealed for the cameras and as you can see from the title and preview it’s none other than the Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman and he’s here to show off that body of his as well. Paparazzi were all over the place to let you check out his body from every angle so let’s take our time with this glorious cine male scene and enjoy the show. What we can guarantee is that you will be getting to see lots and lots of images in his little update here as he gets to go for a swim!


Well Hugh always looks great both on and off the set and it seems that he wanted to relax a bit at the beach this afternoon. And as we mentioned, he’s looking great as always. That perfectly toned body is just amazing to behold, as he always needs to be ripped, mostly because he’s Wolverine so often. But anyway, as he goes in for a swim in the sea, you can see the guy get all wet and when he comes out he looks just gorgeous. Do take your time to watch him getting dried up in the sun as he walks about and have fun with his scene. We’ll bring you more stars next week as well, so just be sure that you drop by!

Take a look at Hugh Jackman shirtless at the beach!

Cinemale – Chris Hemsworth

Welcome, welcome. We’re here with more cinemale action that you can get behind and we have another treat for you to see in this too. You know that the recent Marvel movies are quite the hits at the box office and all the Avengers are getting more and more successful movies made too. This in question revolves around none other than Chris Hemsworth, or what you ladies and gens know him as better, Thor. The blonde stud got to show off some more of his body on set and this cine scene here got the scoop on that grabbing the available shots. So sit back and relax yourself as you get to see Chris here showing off his muscles!

He gets to do his shirtless pose just after a scene where he needed to get all nice and wet and he then had to dry off. So trust us when we say, there’s no better view of a guy like this’s body, just after he got done with some hard work. Enjoy the reveal of his pecs and abs as he takes the shirt off and starts to warm up at a heater nearby, but that’s not all either as he gets around to show off from different angles as well. We’re betting that you will have some good fun with this here and we’re sure that you will love it. Just stay tuned for more action next week and be sure to tune in to see it too. We’ll be waiting for you right here with a new collection of images!


Enjoy watching Chris Hemsworth posing shirtless!

Freddie Stroma

Another fresh week and time for another juicy cine male scene to be revealed. We can bet that you will adore this one as well as you get to see Freddie Stroma in some more kinky and juicy action for this fine week here. The hot blonde stud is quite the catch and he’s got eyes on him from everywhere too,especially in circles like these where all of you just adore watching him nude. And that’s the name of the game for this scene as you get to watch the guy getting kinky with the whole thing for a bit and showing off for you all. So let’s get right into the cine action today and see Freddie getting to show off his naked curves to you all without delay!


Pretty much as soon as the show gets going, the guy makes his entry to the set for this solo photo shoot where he gets to reveal everything that he has hidden under his clothes and you will probably just adore the view of it too. First order of business for him is to get to show off how good he is at stripping and as he takes it nice and slow you can see every single inch of that body revealed more and more. Anyway, the whole thing has him showing off those curves for you and taking his time with it as well. We bet that you will enjoy the action and we’ll have more for you soon enough to check out as well. Bye bye for now and enjoy the gallery!

Check out Freddie showing off his dick!

CineMale – Brett Favre

This week we have another new cinemale update as you can see and we also have some more guys getting to show off just how they like to play. And in this scene you can see Brett Favre getting kinky. It seems that the stud wanted to play a bit by himself in his bed one morning and he used his phone to record it all. And well you can already tell how this got out in the first place. We’re talking about the cloud hack that happened and revealed lots of starts’ nudies that they like to keep saved and Brett here wasn’t an exception to the leaks. So let’s get this male scene going and watch him getting naughty as he masturbates for this scene!

Well as Brett turns on the camera you can see that this guy likes to sleep in the nude as well and he’s not shy about getting to show that off in private it seems. Well as he pulls off the covers you can see that he was nice and excited too and his cock was rock hard. Sit back and watch him as he just starts to masturbate nice and slow and first. And naturally he works up more and more speed until he’s jacking off furiously and moaning in pleasure too. This show with the guy is just delicious and let’s hope that more leaks of him pop up in naughty situations too. Anyway, do take your time to check this one out and we’ll be seeing you all soon with more all new and all fresh content!


Take a look at Brett Favre jerking off his dick!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Today’s new and hot cinemale scene is here for you to check out and there’s no way you can skip this one. We know that lots of you simply adore the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and there’s very very few instances of him getting to show off that superb body of his and this was the perfect opportunity for you guys to get to check out that massively sexy body of his. He took this afternoon off to play around and have some fun with friends and being a sunny day as it was, the guys were mostly naked too. Which makes them a perfect fit here at cine male as you can see them unknowingly putting their sexy bodies on display for the photographers!


Ronaldo and his buddies went down to the golf course for this afternoon and as you can also see our man here did suffer an inhury that he’s recovering from. Well the fact that he can’t play soccer for a while didn’t mean that he couldn’t get to be active and have some fun. So as they were around the gold course the sunny day made him remove his clothes. Well his shirt and shoes mostly as he still had his shorts on. And while sadly those still have to stay on, there’s still plenty to see as the guy gets around to have some relaxing time this afternoon. So Just take your time to enjoy the view of this gallery and we’ll be back once more next time with a new update!

Take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless!

CineMale – Brendon Villegas

Hey there everyone. This naughty cinemale scene brings you bit of a lesser known movie star but still a very enjoyable one to check out getting nasty on camera. His name is Brendon Villegas and as you know, this site always aimes to bring you some of the best and hottest male stars in the industry showing off a tad more skin than usual in these lovely scenes. Anyway, Mr Brendon here decided to get naughty for the webcam one day and lo and behold there’s now footage of that on the internet. Let’s sit back and watch his solo show that he gets to put for everyone in his cine male scene and you can watch him jack off his meat for the afternoon!

Once the show properly starts, the guy gets to start showing off his self indulgence skills and you can check him out starting to undress first and foremost right there in front of his webcam. Well we can guarantee that you will love seeing that unfold as well today. Anyway, once he’s all naked he’s ready to party hard and you can bet that he knows just how to do it too. Watch a full view of him as he starts to stroke his meat and see him go faster and harder. He carries on and on until he cums and shoots his load as well. We hope that you had fun and we’ll be back again soon with some more new and fresh action scenes and more hot hunks!


Check out Brendon Villegas jerking off his dick!

Colin Farrell Shirtless

Hey there guys and welcome to a new cinemale scene here this week. We have some more all new and all juicy galleries to reveal and they are smoking hot as always. now the question is, how many of you wanted to ever see Collin Farrel looking a bit more nuder than he usually is? We can guess that the majority said yes, so in this one just like the title implies, you can see the main man getting to have some pics taken by the paparazzi today and as you can see he is looking quite smoking hot too. Let’s get his amazing cine male scene going and let’s watch more in detail what the photographers managed to catch on camera today shall we?


Well it seems like Mr Collin here was caught looking sexy as he was leaving a gym just at closing time and he was looking ripped. Those bulging muscles seem to be coming along nicely for Mr Farell’s next role and we do have to say that he looks super fine. We bet that you’ll agree with that assessment and rest assured that you can see more of him in action if you look around. But for today we hope that you enjoyed the view of this show and the guy himself putting on a superb little show for you to check out. So anyway, take your time with it as always and we’ll be seeing you again next week with a brand new update too!

Watch here Collin Farell walking around shirtless!

CineMale – Ben Affleck

Cinemale is the place to go to when you want to see some famous actors getting naughty. And first off here is none other than the sexy man himself Ben Affleck. You get to sit back and relax as you can see him getting wild and naughty with the cameras and himself as he poses naughty for the whole thing. There’s been loads of demands to see the guy showing off and this is one of the few times that he chose to show off his body to everyone as well. So let’s not delay any longer and get this cine male scene going. We can guarantee that you will love seeing the guy get nude and play with himself for you this afternoon for the whole glorious scene!

Ben here is making his entry to a mostly empty room with only a leather chair inside and it seems to be waiting just for him to get to use it today. Well as you can see he strips and shows off every single inch of his sexy body with every new shot. And when he’s all nice and naked he’s all ready to get to play even naughtier. Now the sensual posing begins and he’s quite happy to get to show off as we mentioned. we bet you’ll love seeing him get this naughty today and rest assured that more will follow here soon. Just join us again next week with another new and fresh gallery and more stars shining bright and showing off their bodies for you!


Watch here Ben Affleck posing naked!