Julien Baumgartner

Julien Baumgartner is here on CineMale with his hotter galleries. He’s smoking hot, good looking and with a great body. Fit and muscled and also has a enormous tool to brag with. He started fully cloth and slowly starts revealing all of his assets. Check out his special selection of pictures right now!

cine-male- julien-baumgartner-hot-scene

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CineMale – Max Beesley

You all know Max Beesley, well he’s here with a smoking hot gallery only on CineMale. He take very good care of his body, goes to the gym daily and the result say it all. Max has a smoking hot body, worked up, muscle and fit, but beside this he also has a monster 9” hard tool hidden in his pants. Check out this hot gallery!cinemale-jake-max-beesley

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Gerard Butler

You all must know Gerard Butler and if you don’t after this CineMale gallery you will sure remember him. Although he has some experience in the acting business, he’s is still one of the hottest actor from all times. He has a worked out body, ripped and muscled and of course a monster hard tool ready to get exposed. Check him out!


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CineMale – Tom Cruise

You all know him from his well known movies, but here on CineMale you have the chance of seeing one of his dirtiest gallery. Here you’ll find a collection of his hottest pics, revealing more that his gorgeous blue eyes and his cute smile. He’s taking it to the next level showing off all of his goods including his monster tool. Check him out!cinemale-tom-cruise

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Leonardo Dicaprio

CineMale is back with another hot actor for you guys. This time we are talking about Leonardo Dicaprio. Not many know this but before he was a known actor Leo showed more than his smile in his movies. Here you have a gallery containing pics from his earlier movies, showing off all of his goods. Check him out!


 Watch here Leonardo Dicaprio’s smoking hot gallery!

CineMale – Patrick Dempsey

CineMale brought you another TV star, Patrick Dempsey. He has that charm that makes everyone crazy about him. He’s good looking with his blue eyes and that cute smile. But he’s so much more than that. He has an amazing body, worked up ripped and also has a huge tool. Check him out! 


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