CineMale – James Franco

Another fresh week and another new cinemale scene here for you. And boy do we have the greatest scene to reveal to you ladies and gents for this one too. This one features the hot James Franco and of course it’s quite the pretty scene. It’s from one of his movies where the babe got to tie him up to the bed as she’s very much into kinky BDSM sex and he was a bit panicked, but they still had lots of fun. What’s even better is that you get to sit back and see James all tied up and mostly naked too in his cine male scene here today and we bet that you will adore the time with that. Anyway, let’s get it on and let’s get to see the show unfold without delay shall we?

cinemale-james-francoWell as the scene begins, the babe gets busy tying his arms and legs to the bedpost, and gagging his mouth and covering his eyes too. Meanwhile she gets herself ready with her amazing and hot outfit and you can see the stud taking his time on the bed. Well with that being said, we hope as always that this site has become your number one go to place when you want to see some great movie stars get naked and this one was no exception as you can see. We can promise to bring you more and more sexy scenes and more hot studs. And all you need to do is come back next week for more. Oh and do check out the past updates for more naughty stuff! Also you might check out the blog and see a hot t girl rubbing her big cock in front of the camera!

Watch here James Franco exposing his amazing body!

Joe Manganiello

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a brand new and hot cinemale update as promised and more all new and all fresh studs getting to show off for you on camera. And we bet that quite a lot of you are fans of this guy as he’s quite tall and strapping too. His name is Joe Manganiello and we know just how eager you are to get to see him show off his body for everyone to see in this glorious and sexy gallery this afternoon. So take your front row seats to this juicy show and see Joe showing off his sexy body at the beach for the whole cine male scene here today. It’s one gallery that you must definitely check out if you’re a fan of the guy!

Well anyway, the guy was wearing nothing but his shorts for this one and as soon as he goes into the water you can see him have a swim and play around as well. He’s quite the energetic guy for his size and it looks like he really wants to enjoy this afternoon’s lovely sun. Once he comes out he’s ready to do some tanning so take your time to watch the guy strut his gorgeous stuff all the way to his little spot. We’ll let you check out the rest as we bet that you want to see it for yourselves already and rest assured that there will be more soon as well. Until then, have fun, stay safe and stay tuned or check out the site and see a horny shemale masturbating! We’ll see you next time with the new and fresh content!


Enjoy watching Joe Manganiello exposing his hot body!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

As per usual, cine male is back and there’s more all new shows to be brought to you with some more smoking hot studs that have nothing better to do than show off some smoking hot bodies. Did we mention that they are mostly quite famous movie stars? well either way, if you’ve checked a few scenes here and there out, you probably already know that. But anyway, let’s get back to business and today’s scene as it features a hot star by the name of Rhys Meyers and he’s here to get to show off his sexy body for the amazing scene for the afternoon. So let’s watch another hot guy tease with his nude body today!


Ah, we should mention that the full name is Jonathan Rhys Meyers and he knows fully well just how good he looks too. This scene is from one of his more recent movies in all it’s glory as he gets to expose every single inch on his juicy muscled bod and you get to see it all of course. And what better way to start off this amazing scene than with some naughty stripping that allows him to show pretty much everything to everyone. Watch his dick and cute ass get a lot of attention in this one too and do take your time to enjoy it as the past scenes too. We can promise you some more new and juicy galleries here next week, so do drop by to check them out! If you wanna see some hot shemales showing off their cocks, check out the site and have fun! See you next time, friends!

Watch Jonathan getting naked in front of the camera!

CineMale – Jason Statham

Well it’s time once more and you know what that means. There’s a fresh new and hot cinemale scene that’s present and it does need you to check it out fully this afternoon. And as the title suggests, this amazing new update features none other than Mr Krank himself, the latest and most successful action movie star, Mr Jason Statham himself. And what you have here is some pretty juicy material that we got our hands on from a commercial he did where he got to go around mostly shirtless and show off that stunning body on the cine male camera. Take your time to see that sexy torso of him displayed from every angle today and do have fun with it all!

So all shirtless as he is, do take the whole afternoon off to enjoy this one as there’s plenty of high resolution pictures inside to check out with him. The spot was for a jeans commercial and given that he looks as hot as he does, you can bet that Jason here looked simply amazing during the whole thing. It’s no surprise really why he’s so popular as he looks very very good and in shape and is probably the fantasy of quite a lot of people. Well either way we wish mr Statham the best in his endeavors as he shoots new movies and thank him for this amazing little scene here. We’ll check back with you next week when we’ll have all new content ready for you to see! For more action, check out the site and have fun watching a slutty tranny getting kinky!


Check out Jason Statham posing shirtless!

Ryan Kwanten

Another fresh week and time to see another new and fresh cinemale scene here this week without any more delays too. This show has you checking out Ryan Kwanten and his lovely body for the afternoon in a incredibly hot and juicy solo scene too. Mr Ryan is known to do solo nude photo shoots and this seems to be the newest one that he added to his repertoire too. Well, rest assured that his scene here today has quite a lot to see for the whole gallery and all you have to do is sit back and relax as you enjoy the view of him showing you his dick this afternoon. So let’s get the show on the road already everyone!


Well it would be sad if that’s all that happened in this one but you can bet your ass that the guy wasn’t going to just leave you hanging as it were and just tease you. He gets to do some naughty stuff as well and you can probably already tell what that is already. So first order of business is of course to undress and show off those gorgeous muscles, which is followed by some sensual and sexy posing too. And all of that culminates with the guy starting to jack off fast and hard for the ending, which he completes by shooting his load too. Great update and great guy and we’ll see you again next week with another new update! Bye bye guys and gals!

Take a look at Ryan jerking off his dick!

Cinemale – Justin Bieber

This week’s cinemale scene is here to be showed off to you all and we can guarantee that this is one to make you drop your jaw too as this scene has none other as the main man JB, the Canadian that likes to makes babe swoon over how good he looks and how well he sings. During the recent times, Mr Bieber here seems to have taken the tough and bad guy persona and he knows that it works really well for him and we bet that you will agree too. Anyway, sit back and relax and check out JB as he gets to show off his sexy abs in this cine male scene here today. So let’s get right to it and see what happens on camera today without delay!

On top of this scene featuring who it’s already featuring, the whole thing took place on stage as JB spontaneously started to strip a bit. And it seems that it was not planned but all of his eager female fans sure enjoyed it quite a lot. Well we think you are going to enjoy it as well so take your time to have your fun with this one it’s a well deserved reward for being his fan isn’t it? Anyway, we hope to see much more of him in the future as well and it seems that since he likes to record himself as well, he might have pictures on his phone worth sharing. And with that we say goodbye as we take our leave and we’ll see you again soon with more!


Check out Justin Bieber showing off his abs!

Warren Cuccurullo

Today’s fresh and new cinemale scene and in this one you get to see Warren Cuccurullo in some hot action. Warren here is a male porn star that’s quite famous and we bet that you know the name fully well as well. Anyway, he gets to have some sweet solo fun today for you in the bath as he gets to undress and show off all naked and if you just couldn’t get enough of that sizzling hot body of his, then you’re in the right place today to enjoy it once more. So like always, let those cine male cameras roll and let’s watch the sexy and sensual naked star show off and play with himself in this gorgeous scene and we can guarantee that you will just adore it!


Well, like we mentioned, the guy gets to have the bath all to himself and since he’s all nude from the start you can see that he has a nice little waistline tan from where his swimming suit comes on. The thing is he got a nice tan today at the beach and he was pretty happy with it. Anyway, once the show properly starts off, you can see the guy getting to play in the water and on top of getting that sexy muscled body all wet, you can see him getting to stroke that cock as it gets nice and big and hard today. We hope that you enjoyed your time here today and we’ll see you soon with new content too. Bye bye everyone and have fun with the gallery!

Enjoy watching Warren wanking off his dick!

CineMale – Sean Lamont

Hey there again everyone and as per usual welcome back to more cinemale scenes featuring hot male stars that get to expose their bodies on camera for you all too. This week’s fresh catch is Sean Lamont and he’s one of the sexiest guys around too as you all know, but that’s not all, as today he gets to put his charm to good use once more and you can check out the guy getting kinky in the sauna. He’s got the place to himself, so once more it’s a solo action scene with this hot and steamy cine stud and well we bet you’ll adore the one on one time that you get with the stud too. So sit back, relax and check out his naked body today as well!

Well the scene is pretty self explanatory. The guy decided to get to have some fun for you this afternoon and he wasn’t going to let you go empty handed as it were. You get to see him put on a good show as he gets into the steam room and of course, pretty soon, he’s all sweaty and wet too. So when that towel comes off, the guy is actually sporting nothing underneath and proud of it too. Watch him slowly remove the towel more and more as he shows you his dick in this scene as well and have fun with the naughty view. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll have more ready for you to check out next week as well!


Take a look at Sean showing off his dick!

Jared Hasselhoff

Hey there guys and welcome back once again to cinemale. This week we want to show you someone with a name that you might know. He’s Jared Hasselhoff and yes he is related to David. Well it seems that this relative of his is more down than him to show off that amazing body on camera and we think that you will enjoy the whole show that Jared here has prepared for you. Anyway, it’s one truly glorious scene to say the least and you do need to check out each and every single picture in this update to truly enjoy it. Let those cine male cameras roll and see Jared taking his time to tease you with his amazing muscled body today!


As you can clearly see, the setting looks quite a lot like a set for a TV show, but tonight it belongs only to him and you and there’s naughty things that are going to go down for sure as well. So, you can see Jared make quick work of his clothes until the only thing that he has on is his socks pretty much and nothing else at all. Take your time to see him flexing his body and muscles and see him proudly showing off his cute ass and dick on camera too. So yeah, he gets to basically take his time to reveal himself and then play all by himself for the whole thing. We’ll be waiting for you right here next week with another new and fresh update. See you guys then!

Click here and watch Jared showing off his dick!

CineMale – Gilles Marini

Welcome back. We’ve got some more all new and all fresh cinemale scenes for you and of course another famous male actor that gets to show off. This guy is none other than Gilles Marini and he puts on a show for you in the wee hours of the morning as he gets up and does a little bit of a recording on his phone. And of course, that means that you get to see him all naked too, and that just makes things a million times better of course. So let’s not waste time and start up those cameras to get to see this cine action scene go down and watch Gilles all naked and exposing himself for you all without any more delays here shall we?

Like a lot of the male actors here, the guy just loves to sleep all nude and he’s not afraid to show it as you can see in his little solo morning scene here. We think that he might have gone and posed even more sensually for you around the room, but since the spot is so comfy it will have to do. Either way it’s much more better to see him as he gets around to do his stuff in bed anyway. So watch him fully nude and enjoy the guy showing off his cute sexy ass in this one too in addition to everything. We bet that you’ll adore the whole thing and we hope to have you here again soon to check out even more glorious and sexy scenes with these studs!


Check out Gilles Marini completely naked!