Cinemale – Justin Bieber

This week’s¬†cinemale scene is here to be showed off to you all and we can guarantee that this is one to make you drop your jaw too as this scene has none other as the main man JB, the Canadian that likes to makes babe swoon over how good he looks and how well he sings. During the recent times, Mr Bieber here seems to have taken the tough and bad guy persona and he knows that it works really well for him and we bet that you will agree too. Anyway, sit back and relax and check out JB as he gets to show off his sexy abs in this¬†cine male scene here today. So let’s get right to it and see what happens on camera today without delay!

On top of this scene featuring who it’s already featuring, the whole thing took place on stage as JB spontaneously started to strip a bit. And it seems that it was not planned but all of his eager female fans sure enjoyed it quite a lot. Well we think you are going to enjoy it as well so take your time to have your fun with this one it’s a well deserved reward for being his fan isn’t it? Anyway, we hope to see much more of him in the future as well and it seems that since he likes to record himself as well, he might have pictures on his phone worth sharing. And with that we say goodbye as we take our leave and we’ll see you again soon with more!


Check out Justin Bieber showing off his abs!