CineMale – Brett Favre

This week we have another new¬†cinemale update as you can see and we also have some more guys getting to show off just how they like to play. And in this scene you can see Brett Favre getting kinky. It seems that the stud wanted to play a bit by himself in his bed one morning and he used his phone to record it all. And well you can already tell how this got out in the first place. We’re talking about the cloud hack that happened and revealed lots of starts’ nudies that they like to keep saved and Brett here wasn’t an exception to the leaks. So let’s get this male scene going and watch him getting naughty¬†as he masturbates for this scene!

Well as Brett turns on the camera you can see that this guy likes to sleep in the nude as well and he’s not shy about getting to show that off in private it seems. Well as he pulls off the covers you can see that he was nice and excited too and his cock was rock hard. Sit back and watch him as he just starts to masturbate nice and slow and first. And naturally he works up more and more speed until he’s jacking off furiously and moaning in pleasure too. This show with the guy is just delicious and let’s hope that more leaks of him pop up in naughty situations too. Anyway, do take your time to check this one out and we’ll be seeing you all soon with more all new and all fresh content!


Take a look at Brett Favre jerking off his dick!