Colin Farrell Shirtless

Hey there guys and welcome to a new¬†cinemale scene here this week. We have some more all new and all juicy galleries to reveal and they are smoking hot as always. now the question is, how many of you wanted to ever see Collin Farrel looking a bit more nuder than he usually is? We can guess that the majority said yes, so in this one just like the title implies, you can see the main man getting to have some pics taken by the paparazzi today and as you can see he is looking quite smoking hot too. Let’s get his amazing¬†cine male scene going and let’s watch more in detail what the photographers managed to catch on camera today shall we?


Well it seems like Mr Collin here was caught looking sexy as he was leaving a gym just at closing time and he was looking ripped. Those bulging muscles seem to be coming along nicely for Mr Farell’s next role and we do have to say that he looks super fine. We bet that you’ll agree with that assessment and rest assured that you can see more of him in action if you look around. But for today we hope that you enjoyed the view of this show and the guy himself putting on a superb little show for you to check out. So anyway, take your time with it as always and we’ll be seeing you again next week with a brand new update too!

Watch here Collin Farell walking around shirtless!