Hugh Jackman

Well hey there and welcome back to cinemale. You remember that last week you got to see Thor mostly nude right? well it’s time to see another movie star getting his body revealed for the cameras and as you can see from the title and preview it’s none other than the Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman and he’s here to show off that body of his as well. Paparazzi were all over the place to let you check out his body from every angle so let’s take our time with this glorious┬ácine male scene and enjoy the show. What we can guarantee is that you will be getting to see lots and lots of images in his little update here as he gets to go for a swim!


Well Hugh always looks great both on and off the set and it seems that he wanted to relax a bit at the beach this afternoon. And as we mentioned, he’s looking great as always. That perfectly toned body is just amazing to behold, as he always needs to be ripped, mostly because he’s Wolverine so often. But anyway, as he goes in for a swim in the sea, you can see the guy get all wet and when he comes out he looks just gorgeous. Do take your time to watch him getting dried up in the sun as he walks about and have fun with his scene. We’ll bring you more stars next week as well, so just be sure that you drop by!

Take a look at Hugh Jackman shirtless at the beach!