Jared Hasselhoff

Hey there guys and welcome back once again to cinemale. This week we want to show you someone with a name that you might know. He’s Jared Hasselhoff and yes he is related to David. Well it seems that this relative of his is more down than him to show off that amazing body on camera and we think that you will enjoy the whole show that Jared here has prepared for you. Anyway, it’s one truly glorious scene to say the least and you do need to check out each and every single picture in this update to truly enjoy it. Let those┬ácine male cameras roll and see Jared taking his time to tease you with his amazing muscled body today!


As you can clearly see, the setting looks quite a lot like a set for a TV show, but tonight it belongs only to him and you and there’s naughty things that are going to go down for sure as well. So, you can see Jared make quick work of his clothes until the only thing that he has on is his socks pretty much and nothing else at all. Take your time to see him flexing his body and muscles and see him proudly showing off his cute ass and dick on camera too. So yeah, he gets to basically take his time to reveal himself and then play all by himself for the whole thing. We’ll be waiting for you right here next week with another new and fresh update. See you guys then!

Click here and watch Jared showing off his dick!