CineMale – Daniel Craig

You want to see more┬ácinemale? we’ve got more of it for you with another one sizzling hot male movie star this afternoon. And you know that this guy has a lot of soft core scenes so far in a ton of movies, but this one is by far one of the best ones to see him in too. He’s none other than Daniel Craig and in this snippet of a scene that we have here, you get to check him out in a solo action scene as he relaxes in the bath and as you can clearly see he’s all nude too. Well with that being said, sit back, relax and kick this scene off as we bet that you’re all eager and willing to see the guy show his whole naked body on camera here today!

As the cameras roll and you get to see Daniel make his entry you can see that he was down to have a relaxing time with the whole thing and he begins his thing by soaking in the water. As he relaxes, he gets to light one up and do some reading and rest assured that there’s plenty of gratuitous shots of his dick and ass as well as he gets to wash as well. We hope that you will truly enjoy exploring this whole thing with the guy and what else can be said. We can only hope that he does more naughty scenes like this in the future as well so that we may show them off to you. Anyway, see you guys and gals next week with another update!


See hot Daniel Craig naked in the bathtub!